We would like to introduce to you our new Light Expert and Operator Wouter Boussen. 


Wouter Boussen, studied at Zoomvliet Studio (education for AV- production & Stage-and Event technique) with his classmate, our own Bas Knappers, who is one of our lighting operators/designers.


Wouter started as an intern light operator at TCF in Belgium. Some of the projects he did: theatre touring, tv studio’s at the European parliament and several festivals. Three years in a row he was responsible for some great light operating work at TCF. Later, in 2016, he became a Technical project manager and light operator at Max Equestrian Productions, where he worked on accounts like EEM Masters Paris and EEM Masters Hong Kong.

After almost 6 years of experience he was ready for a new challenge. And we’re very happy he chose for the “Live Legends challenge”!

When did you know that your future was about lights?

“At primary school I was always impressed by the small stage and light setup”.


“I am very passionate about my job and I hope I can continue doing this for a very very long time.”. 

China Adventure

Since the beginning of March, Wouter is part of our Live Legends team family.

His first international Live Legends adventure started in May for One Third Hangzhou in China and it took where he stayed for almost 1,5 month. Besides, managing the lighting team, Wouter and our colleague Bas made sure that the construction was finished in time (before the soft-opening), and everything was executed according to the drawing and agreements.

During the soft-opening Wouter was still managing the technical staff en stuff. And everything turned out to be more than FANTASTIC.

There is a first time for everything: Paaspop

Wouter operated his first 360 stage, The Centerpiece. Using a GrandMA2 in combination with Resolume he started 30 timecode shows. By using an Ipad he could start the shows wherever and whenever he wanted, in this way he could see the reactions of the festival visitors while walking around the Centerpiece.

Where will you find Wouter this month?

At Untold Festival in Romania.

Wouter’s benefits

Passion and commitment.

Do you have a quote?

Yes, I do, actually I have two: “Never turn off a working system”. and 

“Life can be beautiful if you make something of it yourself”.