“Joining a bunch of professional idiots!”

We are very excited to add not one, not two but THREE new family members to our team. Let us introduce them to you. 

Pepijn van der Sanden, Senior Light Designer. 
Pepijn is a well known figure to this industry. Over the years Pepijn has done several productions for us. In his entire career Pepijn has always been a freelancer, but now he is part of our team since the start of 2021! “That was such a wonderful and thankful moment when Serge called me.” Pepijn: “Live Legends stands for a total creative concept, from A to Z. They want to create the total look and feel, from concept to design. I would also call it multidisciplinary. Everything is possible, the sky is the limit.

Martijn Roosen, Project Manager 
Another familiar face: Martijn Roosen. The love for the profession started at a young age when Martijn organized small disco parties as a student. Later he started working in the event industry with a focus on lighting and sound. In 2016 he made a switch and became Stage Designer and Project Manager. Martijn: “I really like working here, one of the main reasons is the bunch of professional idiots (who I can relate to) know how to create a total experience. Live Legends is a real knowledge center.

When I started working here I never felt like a newbie"

Niki Nijssen, Personal Assistant and Producer
Back in the days Niki started as a logistic manager for an unfamiliar artist everybody knew as Robbert van de Corput. That same artist, now goes by the name Hardwell, was voted the world’s number one DJ on DJ Mag in 2013 and again in 2014. What started as a job as a logistic manager for just one unfamiliar artist, meant a whole lot more when he became famous. Eventually she managed his whole team and now she is part of ours. Niki: “What I particularly like about Live Legends is the open environment, the freedom and playfulness. To me, that is one of the key ingredients of this industry. When I started Working here I never felt like a newbie, I became part of the team immediately. The first week has made me super excited for everything to come.