The story behind The Dolly Dots

The story behind “The Dolly Dots – Sisters On Tour” with associate LD and show operator Thomas De Vries

~ You will probably know their worldwide hits such as ‘Boys’, ‘Radio’, ‘We Believe In Love’ and ‘Love Me Just A Little Bit More’? Last year the Dolly Dots decided to enter Dutch theaters again. Joined by the exciting live band led by Sven Figee, the Dolly Dots not only bring their biggest hits but also the story behind the band’s success. Live Legends was asked to provide set-, light- and content design + operation of the show. For this BTS article we did an interview with our associate light designer and show operator Thomas de Vries!

– Your favorite Dolly Dots Song?
“she’s a liar!” , because I like the tempo of the song.

– Sisters on Tour had a little COVID break and the theaters had to close again. What did you miss the most in this break about the tour?
The tour/theatre family and creating a beautiful show together. Every single night the audience is dancing through the whole show and there is a lot of energy going on, which I really like. I am happy that this little break is over now, and we are back in the theaters again. 

– Something we don’t know about this show
The crowd mainly consists of women. Small groups of friends who, because of the music, are traveling back in time to their youth. 

– Have you ever been put in the spotlight by the Dolly Dots/Audience?
Every evening the girls thank us with a lot enthusiasm even the whole crowd turn to us (which we appreciate a lot!)

– What do you like the most about this tour/show?
For me personally, that is being back in the theater, where it all started. And to see many old acquaintances.

– Something we don’t know about the theatre crew
We run like a well-oiled machine who are on the same wavelength and there is a great atmosphere on the floor, which also has his positive influence on to the (in)house technicians.

Did we get you all excited for the show? Would you like to travel back in time, dance with your sisters and friends on the greatest hits of the Dolly Dots? There are still a few tickets left! 

LD: Pepijn van der Sanden
Photo: Dave Van Roon
Credits: Marc Hofstede
Show equipment: HVR Show Equipment & Max Power Rent
Decor: Thearent Group

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