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Renske Wassenaar

Marketing Manager


Since 2016 I am running the marketing department for Live Legends, which is really exciting. It sounds like a cliche, but not a day is the same. For me, working here is adventurous and feels like a rollercoaster which I really love. As shown in my photo I LOVE TO DANCE. Actually I have two different jobs: Marketing Manager and Choreographer. For me to dance is telling a story of which each movement is a word, and I love to share these stories with the world.

Live Legends is bla bla chocoladevla.


I am Renske Wassenaar
To dance, is my passion.
Choreography, and event production my job, my life. 

For me, my work is something I am really Passionate about. And I really love to share this with the whole world.

As a choreographer (and sometimes as a producer) I’d like to be challenged, in this way, together, we can lift your event to a higher level. And of course, we can’t achieve this without excellent dancers and great talent. If you like to see some of the dancers I work with, just click here.

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