Karin Faijdherbe

Financial Controller

Karin is our math miracle and responsible for the financial department. She’s the initiator when it comes to staying fit while working at Live Legends. She started a swimming club and during lunch she goes out for a 20 minute walk with anyone who wants to join her. She is fun, a little bit crazy sometimes, but aren’t we all? Karin is the eyes and ears of the company, a real connector, a straightforward kind of girl and supportive towards her colleagues. 

“I have a thing for numbers, but not when it comes to my age (lol). 

I really like the dynamic here at Live Legends, not a day is the same. My favorite moment of the day is when I go out for a swim in the morning or come in early and step into an empty office, this way I can have some alone time before the chaos comes in and it helps me be prepared for whatever happens. I will be ready!