Studio facilities

We believe in a holistic approach when it comes to creating a total live experience. Stay focussed on your brand message, while we produce the show from our fully equipped green-screen studio with separate control units, ready to stream or record your production. Our in-house content team loves to inspire you with custom made graphics or 3D-animations, which can be instantly implemented in your presentation.

Safe environment

We secure a safe environment for our guests and crew by separating the studio from the operating rooms. Up to two persons can be recorded in the studio simultaneously while maintaining a safe distance from each other.

Greenscreen studio Amsterdam Live Legensds
Greenscreen studio

Green screen

We both have an option for a green paper backdrop or a black paper one, all extending on the floor up to some meters.

How does a green screen work?

The color (chroma) green (does not appear in the human appearance. Sometimes someone has green eyes, but that is not chroma green). Because this is the case, a computer can remove all the color green from an image or video without removing parts of the human appearance. You give the computer the instructions to remove that color green and it does the rest. Everything green becomes transparent. Don’t put on green clothes or other green objects in your studio, as they will also be filtered out.