We like to start our working process in an early stage. Even before you exactly know what you want, let alone how. As a team-player we gladly discuss with you which goals you want to achieve, which needs you have, and what you want to communicate, so we can brainstorm about the way to get there. Our concepts are always tailor-made and offer creative and innovative solutions.

Everything starts from scratch: with an empty piece of paper and a pencil. From there on, we start to build the story for an unforgettable event.

We have a state-of-the-art studio in which we can take you through every step of the design process: with 3D-technology you can ‘fly’ through your event before it even takes place. Talk about of a cost-effective way of working! Whether you want us to create an opening show for your new headquarters, the launch of a new product, a complete festival or a small-scale staff party: we are able to build a complete concept for your event, and, as you’ll see further on, we also offer all kinds of support to execute it.

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This sketch will be turned in to a visualization, and finally in the latest stage, becomes reality as you can see in the images above.