We like to start our working process in an early stage. Even before you exactly know what you want, let alone how. As a team-player we gladly discuss with you which goals you want to achieve, which needs you have, and what you want to communicate, so we can brainstorm about the way to get there. Our concepts are always tailor-made and offer creative and innovative solutions.

Everything starts from scratch: with an empty piece of paper and a pencil. From there on, we start to build the story for an unforgettable event.

While designing we always let creativity take the lead, but also take in mind the choice of materials, location complexity, feasibility and budget. That is what we call a clever design. And since we are proper geeks, rest assure they are always on the lookout for new hip and happening concepts. You provide the message, we give it the nicest face to get it across.

Concepts and designs can look really good on paper but the trick lies in the actual guest experience. Do they feel the concept?

That is where we come in. The guys in our video and content studio can work magic with your message. Whether it is upgrading your presentation, creating a video, producing beautiful soundscapes and music or stunning 3D animations: we promise they will surprise you with the outcome.

We grew up in theaters around the world. That means we understand the magic of creating experiences with the simplest of techniques. When programmed properly, a single spot could create a bigger impact than 200 hysterically moving lights. But we have also operated some of the biggest stadium shows imaginable. That is exactly what drives us: The experience and the emotion. Tell us your message, give us your story, and we will create the perfect atmosphere.

We create audiovisual productions.

Show production is the art of creating, growing, manufacturing or making a visual and auditory experience. Have you ever gone to an event that left you speechless because the visual effects were just that spectacular? That’s show production.

We also offer a full service music company, Live Legends Music B.V. which is part of Live Legends. Joos van Leeuwen is our Music Director, Composer and Producer specializing in songwriting, musical direction, music production, live recordings, and as a musician part of different live bands during televion shows and events. From orchestral to EDM, nothing is too crazy.

When it comes to making your live experiences more legendary it is not always about live events. It can also be about architecture, which comes to live. 

However, too much of architecture has focused on form-making and too little on the experience of space. 

Can architecture expand the human senses? Yes it can! By engaging the senses, form and function may be more fully expressed so your audience can have deeper, more meaningful moments, interactions and experiences in the designed space.

We deliver surprising environments that engage your audience with your brand. 

All these plans and concepts may sound nice and all, but without the proper technology to support them it’s worth nothing. Indeed a lighting desk or media server is just a tool, but if it comes down to reliability we only depend on top-level equipment. Our control and visualization systems are always up-to-date and have the newest hardware to maximize performance and flexibility.

Since no design is worth a dime without proper execution behind the controls, we offer access to our international network of only the best lighting and video controllers. Our designers and operators have been working around the world and have had the best training and working experience to be an inspirational partner to you. We promise they are all just as passionate as we are!

Studio facilities

We have fully equipped multidisciplinary in-house studios to design a set that fits your needs, to host your online event, or record music.

In our state-of-the-art studio we can take you through every step of the design process: with 3D-technology you can ‘fly’ through your event before it even takes place. Talk about of a cost-effective way of working! Whether you want us to create an opening show for your new headquarters, the launch of a new product, a complete festival or a small-scale staff party: we are able to build a complete concept for your event, and, as you’ll see further on, we also offer all kinds of support to execute it.