We would like to introduce our new Senior Motion Designer: Saygin Soher.

International talent

I was born in Taksim, Istanbul Turkey. I speak fluent Turkish and English. Some Dutch and a tiny bit of Swedish. I graduated from Aki/Artez (Academie voor beeldende kunst en vormgeving) Enschede Netherlands in 2009 and I have a bachelor in Media Art and Fine Arts.


My passion is to create. From a very young age I’ve been trained as multi instrumentalist and as a kid I was always passionate about drawing. Since the early 90’s I have been inspired to do demo scene computer arts and I still love to do art for example in Commodore Amiga computers (for people, like me – Renske – the interviewer, who don’t know anything about Commodore Amiga, click here). I appreciate all forms of art and practice them whenever possible.

I also love to fly, not as a passenger, but as a pilot, of course.


My dream is living a creative life in any and every form. So, I guess I’m already living the dream. Only a jet aircraft is missing.

My goal is to see my future self sitting on my rocking chair and I’ll say to myself “people won’t ask you when the renders will be finished anymore” (LOL, I’m kidding). I love my job, my goal is filling my life with creativity. In fact, I’ll probably model that rocking chair and 3D print it myself.

The Job

I used to be a freelancer and had the chance to work with the big guys, but I missed being part of a team, a real team….learn some, share some, brainstorm together and each time create something better than before. Live Legends is the only company that I sent my resume to, because I was impressed by the face and portfolio of the company. It seemed like a place that would challenge me and I believe the best way to learn is to take a challenge.

As a Senior Motion Designer I’m responsible for general creation of 3D/2D animation, modelling, visualizations and live content, and sometimes making lattes for Ashleigh and coffee for Jente, two spoons of brown sugar, and a drop of milk…


“I have studied five years of fine arts to acknowledge, yet still I will never see as many colors as women do.”

Two spoons of brown sugar, and a drop of milk…