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Project Attributes

ZoukOut is Asia's largest dusk-to-dawn music festival, located at an amazing tropical beach destination on Sentosa, an island in Singapore.

The festival was set to bring an unrivaled festival experience that will transport festival-goers to this year’s theme: The Futuristic City of Dreams. We were asked to translate the theme into an experience. An amazing project for which we created an immersive design for the main stage, alongside two grand introduction shows to kick-off the days and nine shows to grandly introduce the DJ’s.

Imagine embarking on a journey. Where the Zouk-Eye transforms into a giant multi-dimensional traveling apparatus. A spaceship or time machine if you will, taking you not on a quest through space, but inside your own senses. As you travel through these inner dimensions, every place houses a resident DJ. Fly through feeling, dive into your soul, experience spirit and marvel at your own thoughts.

With this project we were able to do what we love best, involving all our disciplines: stage design, captivating video content, mesmerizing lighting, electrifying audio and exquisite artwork. 

The team that realised this project

Daan Oomen

Creative Director / Designer

Bas Knappers Live Legends

Bas Knappers

Lighting Designer / Operator

Mark van Loenhout

Project Manager & Designer

Boudewijn de Kraaij

Visual Effects Artist / Visual Software Developer


Ahmed Al Dayri

Operations Manager

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