The Beat Of The Dragon Heart



Project Attributes

We were asked to create a new Christmas Concept and Design for the PVH X-Mas party. For this concept our Creative Director Daan went to Asia for inspiration. Together with our client PVH, and Obsession we choose to use the colourful China as this years theme, named: ’The Beat of the Dragon Heart’ .

PVH Obsession

We used our Live Legends magic to create a Chinese Club , called the Jade, to make sure the location was unrecognizable: Chinese Ornaments, Flowers, Odaiko’s, Drummers, Dancers, Aerialists, Umbrella’s, Chinese Lanterns and much more. We thought about every single detail and made sure the Chinese culture was immersed into this new club. Just for one night only the employees of PVH could step out of their busy lives and found themselves in the middle of China.

The team that realised this project

RW Choreography Renske Wassenaar
Renske Wassenaar Live Legends

Renske Wassenaar

Marketing Manager

Jim Brouwers
Jim Brouwer

Jim de Brouwer

Visual Effects Artist

Serge Patist
Serge Patist

Serge Patist

Project Director / Light Designer

Daan Oomen

Creative Director / Designer

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