Symphonica in Rosso Dolly Dots


Marc Hofstede

Project Attributes

Symphonica in Rosso Dolly Dots was magical! A memorable and fantastic night in the Ziggodome with our Live Legends crew and partners.

Photo’s: Nathan Reinds

The team that realised this project

Damon van de Loenhorst

VFX Artist

Ad de Haan

Ad de Haan

Creative Director

Jim Brouwers
Jim Brouwer

Jim de Brouwer

Visual Effects Artist

de Vries Light Designer
Thomas de Vries

Thomas de Vries

Lighting Designer / Operator

Visual Effects Artist/VR Developer Rolf Kuipers
Rolf Kuipers

Rolf Kuipers

Visual Effects Artist / VR Developer

Mick Lve Legends

Mick Krikken

VFX Artist / 3d Software Specialist

Margriet van Weperen


Robbert Lubken

Visual Effects Artist / VR Developer

Mischa Smit

Visual Effects Artist / 3d Software Specialist

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