Lusail Whale Shark


Balich Wonder Studio & ACTLD

Project Attributes

FIFA Worldcup - Lusail Whale Shark

The giant Lusail Whale Shark was lighting the sky of Qatar until the finale of the FIFA Worldcup held on the 18th of December 2022. Qatar is home to one of the largest Whale Shark congregations on Earth and this is celebrated by the realization of this shining icon and a stunning light show. Created by Marco Balich and produced by Balich Wonder Studio. Artistic Director Lida Castelli

Lusail Whale Shark

The team that realised this project

Jim Brouwers
Jim Brouwer

Jim de Brouwer

Visual Effects Artist

Bas Knappers Live Legends

Bas Knappers

Lighting Designer / Operator

Wouter Boussen

Light Operator

Margriet van Weperen


Robbert Lubken

Visual Effects Artist / VR Developer

Mischa Smit

Visual Effects Artist / 3d Software Specialist

AFAS Openings Ceremony

Het Kerst Muziek Gala

Yvie Amsterdam


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