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After the introduction of the prototype lightyear in 2019, we were asked to create a fantastic mesmerizing event introducing Lightyear 0, a global launch. Last week Lightyear revealed the first production-ready solar car: Lightyear 0. An incredible achievement that started only 6 years ago with an idea and a strong vision. We are grateful to contribute to this revolution.

'Perfectly executed' - 'Those animation overlays are slick' - 'The presentation is like the one of Steve Jobs, presenting the iPhone in 2007' - 'What an amazing show'
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The team that realised this project

Ad de Haan

Ad de Haan

Creative Director

de Vries Light Designer
Thomas de Vries

Thomas de Vries

Lighting Designer / Operator

Margriet van Weperen


Nick & Simon

Lightyear 0

Karin Bloemen

The Beat Of The Dragon Heart

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