The Team that nailed this project

Thomas de Vries

Lighting Operator

Jeffrey Goes

Creative Director

Ad de Haan

Content Director

Rody van Gessel

Mediaserver / Video Specialist


In the past seven decades, Holiday on Ice has welcomed more than 328 million visitors which makes it the most visited ice show in the world.

The origin of Holiday on Ice was founded in 1943 in Toledo/Ohio as a small hotel show and which until today has grown into an internationally acclaimed and successful live-format with a high brand awareness and a solid position in the live-entertainment world. For this season Holiday on Ice reflects many aspects the Holiday on Ice brand stands for. Its opulent layout, charismatic figure skaters, glamorous costumes, festive atmosphere, elaborate music, style and elegance.

Holiday on Ice – Time

The new Holiday on Ice show ‘Time’ is now on the road with lighting and visuals designed by our Creative Director Jeffrey Goes. After one month of setting up, we would like to share our story with you.

Working together 

Holiday on Ice producer Kiki Venhuizen and new executive producer Jay Smith contacted us when they were looking for a new fresh approach and integrated design that would encompass lighting and video visuals.

Lighting and video

Time’s set elements (actually the elements of a previous show) include a large inflatable which wraps around parts of the trussing mother grid, and also a moving bridge that runs up and down the ice, which were already in place when they when we came on-board, so lighting had to be positioned around and work with these.

The show includes a lively and diverse mix of music, from orchestral classics to vintage Frank Sinatra, musical blockbusters to rock ‘n’ roll and the latest pumping EDM tracks, with 26 different authentic Holiday on Ice scenes. Lighting and video needed to match with the choreography, movements and music, so while there was lots of scope … it was a nice challenge. We needed to create a huge range of looks and atmospheres, and so we did, with a lighting rig featuring over 200 moving lights. There are over 1600 cues in the lighting desk which was programmed by Thomas de Vries and is run mainly to timecode from the music tracks, with a few manual cues.. We also created all Time’s video content which appears on a 17.5 metre wide by 4 metre high LED screen at one end of the ice. Rody van Gessel was the d3 server programmer, Ad de Haan Art Director video content and Joep Veldhuizen was the main content creator.

The Holiday On Ice ‘Time’ show is currently touring Germany until February 2017, from March in France. During next year (2018) the tour expects to visit our home country the Netherlands.

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