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Project Attributes

As entertainment specialists (creative spirits, lighting designers, video experts, storytellers, operators, technicians, and music producers) who are creating magical and unforgettable moments we have over a decade of experience in this industry. Based on this expertise, we advised the CORdaTEX team, for this special project, The Corda Arena.
CORdaTEX was a collaboration between Debuild as a project company and ZJA, Live Legends, Omgeving, PBTA, Bureau Bouwtechniek, Ingenieum, SBE and Contractor Democo as DB experts.
The Corda Campus in Hasselt is located in a park-like environment where the most innovative companies from the region are established to show themselves to the world. The Corda Arena is intended to be the heart of this, a special event building that attracts audiences from all over the world with immersive spectacles and theater experiences. From musicals, conferences, to fashion shows and television recordings. But also product presentations from Silicon Valley on high-resolution screens or an e-sport tournament that can be followed online all over the world. Thanks to the best audiovisual and theater technology, the Corda Arena is a contemporary stage and versatile studio in one.
The design of this building was created by architectural studio ZJA Architects in continuous and intense contact with our events specialists at Live Legends. ZJA designed a perfectly laid out and furnished building in all aspects, both functionally and in terms of design. A typology of 9 different scenarios was created, based on 3 basic layouts for different events. ZJA’s design optimizes those variants in terms of theater technics as well as logistics. After finishing the design we translated them into beautiful visualizations as shown in this video. 
We are grateful for this opportunity and collaboration. Thanks to:
Project Company: Debuild
Architect: ZJA
Commissioner: Corda Campus
Landscape architect: Omgeving – Landscape architecture urbanism
Experts: PBTA, Bureau Bouwtechniek, Ingenium and SBE
Contractor: Democo nv

The team that realised this project

Daan Oomen

Creative Director / Designer

Ad de Haan

Ad de Haan

Creative Director

Jim Brouwers
Jim Brouwer

Jim de Brouwer

Visual Effects Artist

RW Choreography Renske Wassenaar
Renske Wassenaar Live Legends

Renske Wassenaar

Marketing Manager

Niki Nijssen
Niki Nijssen

Niki Nijssen


Martijn Roosen

Project Manager

AFAS Openings Ceremony

OnStage Experience