Partnership begins by building trust!

Thank you Choice Hotels for this amazing collaboration. Here is a glimpse of how a special mix of knowledge, expertise and creativity helped this event come to life. Looking forward to future journeys! #empowertoexceed
MCI The Netherlands: Concept design and overall project management
In collaboration with this great team:

  • Live Legends: Stage, content and light design
  • Unlimited Productions: Technical Production
  • Experience Conductor: Creative Producer
  • Wardtaal visuele communicatie: Visual language design
  • Partners in Building BV: Scenic design
  • Sander Hendrix: Show caller

When we put the 3 stages of our workflow into one picture:
1. Concept
2. Visualization
3. Reality

The Team that nailed this project

Ad de Haan

Creative Director

Desirée van Giezen

Creative Producer

Alex Melsen

Project Manager

Serge Patist

Senior Light Designer

Joep Veldhuis

Content Design

Bas Knappers

Lighting / Mediaserver operator

Rody van Gessel

Mediaserver / Video Specialist

Chok Wah Man

Content Designer

Wouter Boussen

Light Operator

Renske Wassenaar Live Legends

Renske Wassenaar