The Team that nailed this project

Johannes Versloot

Lighting / Mediaserver Operator

Dave van Roon

Mediaserver / Video Specialist

Awakenings 20th anniversary
By Dave van Roon
The twentieth anniversary of Awakenings was celebrated big with a set that represented the evolution of the Awakenings techno scene. From a 4:3 projection screen and plasma screens, to a roof of MI strips and robot arms.
Live Legends supplied a d3 system to control all the different surfaces. A customised protocol allowed the MA operators to route and control the VJ content of Kijkbuiskinderen and 250K on a per screen and RGB base.
Additionally Notch was used to create a 3D workflow to make realtime content based on the position of the screens, also controlled by the MA. Using the effect engines of a lighting desk made sure this content matched the music and could have a different look for every track.