Damen Yachting Amels 80



Project Attributes

For the launch of the timeless beauty Amels 80, we transformed Theater Amsterdam into a powerful visual spectacle where natural elements came together in an interactive way. A surprising reveal where we celebrated the family heritage and Amels 80’s iconic design. An epic journey through time and space. This submersive experience is awarded 8 times: two international BEA Awards, one golden National Golden Giraffe and five international Eventex Awards.

We involved all our disciplines to bring the Amels 80 to life in a submersive experience. It all came together forcefully: the storyline, the captivating video content, lighting design, sound, set design and breathtaking choreography. From concept, design to show, we were able to do what we love best!

Yachting Amels 80

This is the Amels 80, evolution is in our nature

Damen Yachting belongs to the absolute top when it comes to building luxury yachts. She has a broad portfolio, ranging from the construction of expedition yachts and Amels superyachts to providing yacht support. The company has offices all over the world, but the head office with a large international team is located in Vlissingen.

The team that realised this project

Stefan Peters

Concept Designer / Art Director

Mischa Smit

Visual Effects Artist / 3d Software Specialist

Robbert Lubken

Visual Effects Artist / VR Developer

Mick Lve Legends

Mick Krikken

VFX Artist / 3d Software Specialist

de Vries Light Designer
Thomas de Vries

Thomas de Vries

Lighting Designer / Operator

RW Choreography Renske Wassenaar
Renske Wassenaar Live Legends

Renske Wassenaar

Marketing Manager

Jim Brouwers
Jim Brouwer

Jim de Brouwer

Visual Effects Artist

Desiree van Giezen

Desiree van Giezen


Ad de Haan

Ad de Haan

Creative Director

Daan Oomen

Creative Director / Designer

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