from concept & design

to show

Our Process

Our process is divided into three main pillars: Concept, Design and Show. We designed the process to ensure an integrated and balanced experience for both our team and for you.


Everything starts from scratch, with an empty piece of paper and a pencil. From there on, we start to build the story for an unforgettable event.

  • Concept definition: Together we discuss your objectives, needs, budget and the story you want your audience to experience.
  • Concept design: Further on we give more definition to the concept. Involve expertises: light, video, audio and content.


Concepts and designs can look really good on paper, but the trick lies in the actual audience experience. Do they feel the concept?

  • Pre-production: Finalize and translate the concept to an executable design. An important phase before the design comes to life.


That magical moment where it all comes together. An experience that captivates your audience.

Show production: The art of creating, growing, manufacturing, making a visual- and auditory experience.