Online event platform LIVE@HOME

LIVE@HOME is a new online event platform created by Live Legends.

Build you next event with our online event platform where you can stay home, but experience live. When researching and choosing your online event platform, there are many things to think about and consider. But if you need to choose your virtual events platform quickly, because of something like the coronavirus, and convert your in-person event to an online one, you’ll need a reliable partner who does what he promises. With LIVE@HOME you will have a reliable partner, who can take you through the whole step by step plan, from concept to execution.

Similar to an in-person event, space and location is key to a good user experience when you choose an online event platform. You can choose your own location and design. This stage can be everything and anywhere you want. Imagine presenting from your local theatre, the Great-Wall of China or the canals in Amsterdam. In the virtual world anything is possible. We have the tools to make anything suitable to your needs, from a small business meeting to a full-day conference, an award ceremony or a virtual concert.

LIVE@HOME is your creative partner when it comes to translate your brand messages, make them come alive on a real stage, in an online and virtual world. We translated our knowledge and live creations into this new online event platform. That makes LIVE@HOME unique and different from any other online event platform.


You can still touch you audience with LIVE@HOME. Avoid passive event listening and keep your audience interested through interaction and live performances.