Exactly one year ago we’ve opened up One Third Hangzhou, China. Time to celebrate and throw in a good party after COVID-19. We produced a little show to make this moment even more legendary!

Background story One Third Hangzhou

Ideally, a day should consist of 8 hours of work and study, 8 hours of rest and sleep, 8 hours of leisure time. And of course that 1/3 of leisure time can be filled in with surprising entertainment.

One Third Hangzhou is all about an old industrial trainfactory that comes to life. The building is situated in an area with a lot of old steel foundaries, like old steel locomotives from back in the days that can have a future again and will be part of the whole story. You step into the old factory and the train takes you to discover new worlds.

In the commercial Chinese clubs, a night out is more about expensive drinks and showing off, instead of cutting-edge music. Live Legends wants to take the Chinese club culture to a new level and tap into the needs of a burgeoning young generation for a more diverse crowd with an appetite for experimental sounds in modern settings: a cosmopolitan hotspot, not only to see and to be seen, drink champagne and watch beautiful dancers, but also to experience the latest trends. A platform for new music, international and local DJs, plus a visual show spectacle – all carried by a beautiful backstory.

While most clubs depend on the line-up of famous DJ’s to bring the experience in, the One Third Hangzhou club is a brand experience from within, as the venue itself is the story.