We would like to introduce our new Senior Creative Designer/Accountmanager: Niels Sneyers 

After a period of intensive collaboration, we decided to take the next step. This means Niels Sneyers and Hens are part of Live Legends. This collaboration will bring benefits, especially in the area of ​​content creation and crazy presentation possibilities. “In my opinion a unique combination that is ready for the future with more capacity, creativity, professionalism and decisiveness for your next production.”.

Tell us about your projects & adventures

“One of my biggest adventures was a TV program about André Kuipers (he is a Dutch physician and ESA astronaut). And the live shows in the AFAS for Freek Vonk (he is a Dutch biologist) where I was given the role as Show Director and Content Designer.”.

What is your educational background?

Grafisch Lyceum, and Nimeto, and started at the age of 22 as 3D graphics specialist for a Dutch television company now called NEP. After 6 years I worked for a short period as a Art Director at a different company and after that I started a motion graphic Studio based in Amsterdam called Hens creating logo animations & leaders for different Dutch broadcast studio’s and later on events agency’s.

 Why Live Legends?

Niels already knew Live Legends creative directors Daan and Jef, from the former The Unit Showcontrol, because they worked together on Finding Dory and The NPO Seizoenspresentatie. And in this field you will always cross each others paths in many different projects. Live Legends is a well known professional in the field of live events and has an international team of creative people and the most modern techniques. After 7 years of Hens I wanted something more, and instead of managing my own company I wanted to be more active as a creative designer and a player of a kick ass team of dedicated creatives and be able to develop myself further in the most challenging design projects. It is my ambition to drive myself and the team to the best performances in each project and at the same time have fun in working together while making each live experience more legendary!

Quote van Niels

“A day without rendering is a wasted day”