Taking ethnic culture as inspiration for the next generation nightclub in Nanning!

~ Inspired by the Zhuang tribe, an East Asian ethnic group, we’re transforming their culture into a nightlife experience. Our goal is to bring the special and beautiful culture of this minority to a new audience and mix it with modern technology and culture to connect Zhuangs’ history with the millennials and generation Z. We want to amaze and surprise the nightclub guests and introduce them to this new way of clubbing. Clubbing in a deeper level.
Zhuang Bronze Drum* – The modern symbol for music
The design and shape concept is based on the largest drum, the Zhuang bronze drum, which represents the deepest piece of culture from the southeastern Guangxi region with patterns from the Zhuang culture that can be found for example on ancient rock formations. These patterns were used to tell stories to each other, something implemented in our audiovisual clubdesign (as shown in the visual of the entrance).
Next time we will reveal more details of our new One Third family member which is going to be rolled out in Februari 2021.
*The bronze drum was once a strong power symbol, and it remains a popular traditional item as well as bearing testament to the long history and culture of this area. When the people of the Hongshui River Valley play their bronze drums they also communicate their continuing culture and unique creative ability, which was developed in the course of adapting to their natural environment.