“My name is Wout, and this October I started my internship at Live Legends. I am currently graduating from the Design and Technology studies at the Academy for Theater and Dance in Amsterdam, with a specialization in lighting design.

When I was a kid, I was taking acting courses at a youth theater. When I got a chance to play in a musical, I got introduced to all the things that go on backstage, and soon realized I found all those lights and buttons way more interesting than acting on stage. This grew out to a hobby and beyond, until in 2016 I decided to make my career out of it, and started my Design and Technology studies (formerly known as OTT). During the past years, I participated in different internships in theater, musicals, events, festivals and concerts, and my time with Live Legends will be a very good addition to that. I chose Live Legends because of their broad experience with not only lighting design, but also video and stage-design, and the way they combine these disciplines into complete show concepts.

During my time at Live Legends, I will (amongst others) be joining the Dare to Dream, XBOX and PUBG Mobile events. I’m convinced I’ll be having a good time in the team, and will sure learn a lot from them.”. 

Welcome to the team and family Wout!