In this interview we would like to introduce you another intern, Jochem Welboren, he’s graduating from The Herman Brood Academy, stage&studio technology. 

Why an internship at Live Legends?

Why I choose for Live Legends? Actually, the answer is in the name of the company “Live Legends”. Nothing is too crazy in here and they are a one stop show, everything to create a whole show, from concept to execution. Every expertise is within the walls of the building. Light, video, content creators, project managers and designers. And they all work together.

I think the strength of the company lies in the fact that every part of a project is within reach. Or well, within desk range.

Together with a good team and mentor, I want to develop myself here.


My education is in Utrecht: the Herman Brood Academy, stage / studio technology. Here you learn the basics of the technical side of events during the first 2 years and then specialize within the study program. I chose my passion “light” and based on my specialization this is the perfect importunity for me.

Great Time

I want to improve my skills when it comes to programming, designing and drawing. I know this is the place to do that. Together with an enthusiastic and fanatical team at Live Legends, I will be more then fine.

In my spare time I play with my band on different stages throughout the country.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming period at Live Legends and I’m going to have a great time!