MARLOES&CO, Long time partner in crime

Marloes Honsbeek, the owner of Marloes&CO, a long-time partner in crime of Live Legends, even in times of global crisis. Together we have been able to create legendary online events for our clients with the same care and attention to detail that you would expect from us. We wanted to hear her story about the new situation when it comes to our industry. What is her opinion about LIVE@HOME and online events?

"We have to keep developing and go the extra mile in order to bring more innovation to the online world.”


A powerful message

“The core of the business has not changed; we continue with transforming compelling stories of our clients into online instead of live events. There are a lot of options, which are similar both online and live, but there is a completely different dynamic. The message needs to be even more powerful and fast to make sure the audience stays connected and keeps interested.”.

Because of the new situation in our industry, we have to improve our online skills in order to provide a better online service for our clients. “Not every concept is applicable for every client, and we have to keep developing and go the extra mile in order to bring more innovation to the online world.”

Photo’s: Annick Elzenga. Project: Brave New World

A&O Fondsen Festival 

“With a project such as A&O Fondsen Festival, all components of a live experience were part of their online festival: you could follow your own route and create your own program with area’s, stages and presentations you were interested in. It was a big success with more people attending than what we have seen so far with their offline festival. The best part about creating an event like A&O Fondsen Festival is the amount of positive feedback of the audience and our client we received after the event. We definitely feel the appreciation for these new types of events, and that makes creating these online experiences even more worthwhile.”

A&O Fondsen Festival

Together we are stronger

Over the few months we have been able to work on several beautiful online projects together:
ECCM, NRO, Brave New World, TU Delft and A&O Fondsen Festival. On to creating more legendary live experiences for and with our clients!