Joined forces

On the 1st of February 2016, The Unit Showcontrol and LiveLAB merged into one company. From their modern office in Abcoude, filled with energy, creativity and enthusiasm, they will work towards the realization of their international ambitions.

Joined forces

This year, they worked a lot together during numerous major productions for a variety of companies such as: Heineken, Nike, KLM, Hainan Airlines, Ricoh, Qatar Airways, Edison Pop, Disney in Concert, Julia in Concert, Tommy Hilfiger,, The Allseas, The Bodyguard, Nick & Simon, Musical Awards, Chinese Idol and Mercedes. From the first moment there was a synergy between both companies. This provided a logical step towards a merger.

According to the three enthusiastic owners of Live Legends, Ad de Haan (LiveLab), Jeffrey Goes and Daan Oomen (The Unit Showcontrol), ambitions and dreams match entirely. 


“We want to create and tell living legends together with our clients and partners. These legends should leave a life lasting impression, with concepts and designs, you will never forget“. Therefore, each production is custom made. The first sketches arise on the drawing board, are translated into a visualization, and then proceed to the realization and experience.

“Everything we do will eventually lead to that one special moment when we take the audience into a total experience where quality and uniqueness are the main components”.

Worldwide leading provider 

In addition to their team of 16 specialists, the company offers a large range of control systems. Live Legends currently own 15-media-server systems, which makes them the largest rental company in the d3 pro-range worldwide. They are the strategic partner of d3 Technologies and cooperate in the development and testing of new software. Also other control systems such as Pandora’s Box and Catalyst are part of the current video control solutions they offer. And for lighting, the company relies on systems such as GrandMA2 and Wholehog4.

What is LIVE LEGENDS about?

Our production process can be divided into three main pillars:

1. Concept 2. Design 3. Control

The services and products we offer include in these phases are:

  • Concept development and visualization
  • Content and show production
  • Video, lighting and set design
  • Directing and operators
  • Studio Facilities

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