MUSIC CONNECTS AND CREATES AN EXPERIENCE, MUSIC IS EMOTION, AND THATS WHAT WE AS LIVE LEGENDS WERE MISSING IN TELLING THE STORIES OF OUR CUSTOMERS. SETTING UP LIVE LEGENDS MUSIC B.V. and our own sound studio led by Joos van Leeuwen meets our need to expand our services by creating our own music, in order to produce a total  AUDIOVISUAL concept under one roof.

Live Legends Music studio

Joos van Leeuwen is a Music Director, Composer and Producer specializing in songwriting, musical direction, music production, live recordings, and is part of different live bands during television shows and events. From orchestral to EDM, nothing is too crazy. He has years of experience as a Music Director of various (theater) concerts & musical productions, as well as a Creative music producer & arranger. Recently, he was an arranger and producer of Shine A Light by the Rotterdam Philharmonic for the Eurovision Song Contest, and produced TV leaders for example: Dancing On Ice, This Quiz Is For You, What We Eat Today, Who Last laughs, Fancy Zappelin and The Council Chamber. He has collaborated with artists such as Alain Clark, Glennis Grace, Guus Meeuwis, Gerard Joling, Karin Bloemen, Rene Froger, Angela Groothuizen, Waylon, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Jeroen van der Boom and many more.

Joos van Leeuwen about Live Legends Music: “It was time for me to explore new options. I have chosen to work with the fantastic team of Live Legends with whom I did many national and international projects over the last few years. As music director and producer I am responsible for setting up the music department under the new name Live Legends Music B.V.. I am very proud of my new studio at the Hollandse Kade 25 and excited to work with this team. It is time to bring our customers’ stories a live with music.”

Live Legends Music

Daan Oomen: “As Live Legends, we never had direct access to our own music, while this is the most important thing besides the visual aspect. Now that we produce under one roof, we inspire each other even more than before. The video content team can immediately hear how their creations will sound and Joos sees his music come to life on a screen.

We’ve been friends for 15 years and worked for countless hours and nights to find the right sound to touch our audience, because this is why we do it. I grew up in a musical family and I am very passionate about everything that has to do with music, besides as a child I dreamed about my own sound studio, which is finally realized with the arrival of Joos. It is wonderful to be able to walk in on each other office and just start to create together. Thanks to this new collaboration I expect that we can produce even more efficiently and offer our customers an even better total audiovisual concept.

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