We would like to present to you one of our creations: LIVE@HOME

Stay Home, experience Live

Throughout the last decade we’ve been doing what we love best and that is telling stories on a live stage. Something that is hardly imaginable in times of a global crisis when we miss meeting each other in person more than ever.

We have to stay connected, interact, exchange ideas and knowledge. Through LIVE@HOME we create an energetic setting in which you can connect with your audience. We’re stoked about technical innovation, but adding emotion to brand messages, to make your story come alive is much more important.

Imagine your brand coming to life through live events in a hybrid online setting. How can we make that happen? This demo illustrates what your conference, corporate or public event could look like in a virtual world, capturing that live feeling and making your event memorable.

Stay Home, Experience Live. Check out our LIVE@HOME website for more information, showcases Q&A’s and more: www.liveathome.nl


Key features of LIVE@HOME

  • Interested? Send an email for our brochure and more information: home@livelegends.com or give Ad de Haan a call: +31 6 51 20 56 18