We would like to introduce to you our twenty years old intern Sven van der Hoop. He’s joining our team until the 21st of june.

When did the spark strike between you and the lights?

“I was a DJ back in the days ;), When the party’s where I had to spin became bigger, I also helped out with building the stage and lights. So, that’s how my hobby as a DJ shifted to another hobby: Light Operator”.  And this led to my choice to become a real Light Operator at the Light Specialisation School in Zwolle.


“I would love to be a Light Operator at first, and when I’m experienced enough, a designer. Maybe one day I could do a tour through Europe with a famous band or artist?”


Sven Works in theatre Orpheus in Apeldoorn for 4 years already. After his first internship in 2015 he never left. Just like his work during the weekends for Kugel Licht en Geluid. This was his second internship, and he’s still working for them. 

In his third year he toured with ‘From Sammy with Love’ and ‘Alex Klaasen –  Showponies’ via MORE theatre impresario. “They already asked me for another tour. But I don’t know what the future holds. So, first I want to complete this internship and then we will see.”

It seems that every where Sven goes they love him, and they want him to stay. That should say enough about this young gentleman and his passion for lights. 


His other hobby, besides being a Light Operator, is event-photography. “It’s great to combine both worlds, because as a Light Operator I know what is important to show at an overal shot, and as a photographer I know what might be coming.”

Where will you find Sven?

You can find him at the following projects: Defqon, Young Impact, Heineken Commerce week and many more. 

Sven brings benefits

Sven brings a good workflow, fun and laughter. And, he is a real teamplayer. 

Do you have a quote?

Yes, I do: “Lights, Camera, Action!”