We grew up in theaters around the world. That means we understand the magic of creating experiences with the simplest of techniques. When programmed properly, a single spot could create a bigger impact than 200 hysterically moving lights. But we have also operated some of the biggest stadium shows imaginable. That is exactly what drives us: The experience and the emotion. Tell us your message, give us your story, and we will create the perfect atmosphere.

We have a fully equipped in-house studio to design a set that fits your needs. While designing we always let creativity take the lead, but also take in mind the choice of materials, location complexity, feasibility and budget. That is what we call a clever design.

All these plans and concepts may sound nice and all, but without the proper technology to support them it’s worth nothing. Indeed a lighting desk or media server is just a tool, but if it comes down to reliability we only depend on top-level equipment. Our control and visualization systems are always up-to-date and have the newest hardware to maximize performance and flexibility. Check our page: Controls & Visualizations for more information.