Legend Of The Guardians Festival

We are excited and honoured to introduce the Asian market to a brand new festival concept starting this January 2020. Our purpose is to unite Asia in an immersive festival experience based on Asian traditional culture while showcasing different music styles.

Legend Of The Guardians

We transform stories from oriental magic and mythology into a legendary live experience festival for our visitors. Our three core values are Peace, Purpose and Passion.
Peace, the ease of mind we find in going to festivals, releasing us from social pressure and our busy daily lives.
Purpose, we are dedicated to create a new cultural platform for the people of today by uniting all cultures.
Passion, but above all we share a great passion for music art and entertainment
These core values are all protected by The Guardians, three mythical characters, carrying these stories into our own festival performance.

We present you world class acts from all parts of the world with the biggest names in EDM to multi-award winning live bands. Fasten your seatbelts and embark on an ultimate 360 degree journey through Asia. Celebrate life while sipping champagne on the largest VIP experience. The largest stage production ever built in Asia that combines innovative technology and themed shows. Discover our expansive festival site, where the rolling hills and unparalleled theme design will transport you to a world you will never forget.

Join us to the land of the free at Legend Of The Guardians Festivals.