Get to know…. Tessa and Robbin

Live Legends is expanding their family with three new interns. In this article you will get to know two of them. 

We would like to welcome Robbin and Tessa, they are both students at the BUAS (Breda University of Applied Sciences). They will join our team for their five month research assignment.

What is your assignment?

Robbin: “What experience design do (potential) consumers in three different continents: Asia, Europe and USA of Live Legends prefer regarding the media design of the main stage of an esports tournament?”

Tessa: “What are the cultural differences and similarities between the different focus groups (the Netherlands, the USA, South Korea and China)?”

Why Live Legends?

Robbin: I like the fact that creativity meets production, and that we share the same interest for esports. I am enthusiastic to help Live Legends create the ultimate esports events.

Tessa: Live Legends is a small company, where they handle a total production from a till z, from concept to execution. I would love to contribute to such a company and take part in their productions. I like their international approach with a vast and different client base, as well as their interest in culture.

What is your first impression?

Robbin: A small and casual, but professional company where people help each other. 

Tessa: Great atmosphere! I felt welcome and part of the team right from the start.

Dreams about?

Robbin: To be part of a big movie production abroad. For example: the American romantic musical film La La Land, starring Ryan Gosling as a jazz pianist and Emma Stone.

Tessa: I would love to work for an international company, which is based in The Netherlands, eventually, I would like to add my expertise to the Kpop industry

Why Kpop?

Tessa: Every decision that an artist or band makes is wel thought out, as well as that each album and comeback has their own concept to create the right mood and atmosphere. This becomes quite clear when you watch their music videos:  


Robbin: Theatre, musical, singing and voice-acting. But I also like to organise my own small events, like a “Wie Is De Mol Weekend” with friends.

Tessa: Definitely baking, I also love to make music. I like to sing and play ukulele (i dont play bass yet, my family will make fun of me if that is already in this :)) I also love being creative and drawing.

Tessa already has shown her love for baking at Live Legends, as she brought her own baked cookies with her on her second day at the office which made her Employee of the Month 😉


Robbin: It comes as it goes. Try to keep things organically.

Tessa: You need to be enthusiastic in life in order to make the most of it.

Tessa van den Hatert