Fresh Off The Boat

We would like to introduce to you our new Chinese colleague Vanessa

Daan and Serge began their search for a Director Business Development APAC in China while working on several projects like Club One Third in Beijing. It was may this year when they met several candidates for some interviews. Only one person stood out: Vanessa. There was instant chemistry between Live Legends and her.

Why “Fresh Off The Boat?”. Vanessa told me to use this title. According to our new Chinese colleague: “It’s an interesting TV show about a Chinese family moving to America. I’ve been told the mom character remind them of me.”

Vanessa is very direct and sincere, just like “us” Dutch people. So, they (sort of) speak the same language, which is very convenient when you do business in Asia. When I asked Vanessa what she liked about Live Legends so much, she told me it was their creativity, equally respect toward each other and the client, the personal relationship with the client, and the technique & story behind the shows.

Vanessa has been a freelance project manager for several years and knows how to roll the dice in China. Her job as a Director Business Development APAC will entail expanding and maintain our business in Asia, setup a second Shanghai WFOE office, and a new Chinese team.

Vanessa likes vibrant colours and flower panterns, she is a huge fan of animated movies. She loves food, especially the Asian and European cuisine, and Latin music. She is a bit sarcastic and loves to make people uncomfortable in a funny way.

Vanessa’s ultimate dream: A professional dancing career, and learning how to dance. According to herself she has a horrible coordination (this joke also tells something about her sarcasm, if you ask me).

We would like to welcome her to our team, and are looking forward to our new adventures.