Maybe you have already seen some sneak previews of “something we are up to” on our socials? Something new? In this article we would like to reveal what that is (pampampam – heavy music is playing), we would like to introduce to you our brand new experience studio. Yes, that’s right, we have a new studio. And Fortinet had the exclusive premiere of using our new green screen facility. Together with commissioner Marloes&Co they will tell you about their experience. 


How did you experience producing your event in this studio compared to the previous one?

Bianca: “ This space is bigger and more professional. The previous studio was a bit more compact and for example didn’t have a seperate changing- and make up room.”.

Marloes: “Now, there is more freedom of movement. And what I really like is that I can sit in the front of house where you have a total overview of all disciplines and the greenscreen. So communication between the departments is easier than it was before (where there were different rooms/boots for every discipline: light, direction, sound, etc.. The new studio has a lot more to offer, it is an improvement!”


Marloes: “We’ve known each other for quite a while. Together we have been able to create online events for our clients with the same care and attention to detail that you would expect from us. What I like the most is that Live Legends teams up with me and my client all the way, from their marketing goals to the moment it all goes live. And we all have the same goal: achieve the highest potential/the unreachable. 

Bianca: “What I like the most about Live Legends is their service and flexibility. I love the way they turn our online events into dynamic and memorable moments for our clients and partners. Live Legends offers a professional distinctive online and live experience.”.

Fortinet Lounge

Are you curious about our new studio? 

This month we would like to give you an online tour by introducing the customer journey video. If you can’t wait, don’t hesitate to contact us for a live guided tour.