from creators

to the audience

Our Expertise

We create legendary live experiences across the globe. We bring your story to live in a magical way by uniting compelling experiential designs and cutting edge technology. An exceptional moment that engages your audience with your brand. Leaving a life lasting impression. 


We are creative spirits, architects, lighting designers, video experts, storytellers, operators, technicians, music producers. We can team up with you all the way, from your marketing goals to the moment it all goes live. Whether it’s for a product launch, ceremony, your company’s anniversary, themepark, venue, concert or esports tournament. 

Our Why

We love to create experiences that are meaningful, memorable and truly make a difference for the audience. Creating an experience where they can explore, connect and immerse in new worlds. To us, an event is a success when the audience is emotionally touched by the experience. Our biggest asset is that we are crazy in love with what we do!

Process - From Concept and Design to Show

Design, lighting, audio and content are increasingly important at events and Live Legends is one of the few companies that can offer these specialisms under one roof. Our production process is divided into three main pillars: concept, design and show. These three pillars are the roof over our five phases. Our process is designed to ensure an integrated balanced experience for both our team and for you. Press here if you want to read more about our detailed process.