We would like to introduce our Canadian office manager: Ashleigh Honig. 

English – Canada

Ashleigh was born in Canada and moved to the Netherlands at a very young age. While living in the Netherlands she was raised bilingual. So she speaks fluent English and Dutch. We started this interview in Dutch but within a few seconds Ashleigh switches to her mother language. “Know that I express myself best in English”.


Ashleigh loves all kinds of music, and has a passion for songs with good and meaningful lyrics. “Poetry is something I would love to really dive into.”. She also loves to dance. According to her self she’s neither a dancing queen, nor a rhythmic disaster. “but as said in “ Everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen), presented by Baz Luhrmann: Dance! Even if you have nowhere to do it except in your own living room.”.


When I ask Ashleigh about her dreams. She is lost in her thoughts and smiles. “ I would love to travel through beautiful Canada with my children. And that my children may have many happy moments, and learn to treasure them as happiness is a string of little happy moments in life. One of my other dreams is to live on an island with a little food bar with cocktails where we chill with locals and welcome tourists who tell jokes that make you hope you don’t pee your pants and have deep conversation about life. Nothing too crazy”.

The Job

What drew her to take this job as Office Manager at Live Legends was the way the interviewers in both interviews spoke with passion about what the company does and how they got to where they are now. It moves her to see people do what they desire, and this is the best way to be the best and succeed.

Ashleighs’ goal at Live legends is to keep the office up and running smoothly, help find a way to get a better view on what is happening where and for what in the numbers.  And keep focus on where they can better processes to better the work flow, to be a helping hand and keep everyone smiling with a cake every once in a while. “I have understood that baking a cake is something that will be well appreciated”.


Life is all about finding people that are your kind of crazy.